Amps and Systems  

Event Technology has a number of systems for hire depending on your needs. Contact our design team and and let them match the right system for your event.



F 150 2-way cabinet

The F150 is designed as a high power 2-way system and can be used as a full range cabinet, with passive subwoofer or as a mid-high part in active multi-way speaker systems (recommended active x-over frequency 80-130Hz).

EV SX80 Speaker

PowerMax 5 System
The PowerMax 5 System - the direct successor of the legendary P5 Systems - consists of two 15" 2-way cabinets F150, two 18" sub woofers F8, one system power amplifier PM26000, four system cables and two loudspeaker stand poles.

So this compact, active 2-way system is ready for operation.

The system power amplifier includes the PowerMax controller and provides 2x700W in the bass and 2x600 in the Mid/Hi range.

The system cabling ensures quick and easy installation and highest operational reliability.

It is possible to operate two Mid/Hi cabinets and two sub woofers per stereo side on a single PM2600.



Room always matters in the Pro-Audio business, which is especially true when it comes to transportation, where the lack of space can easily turn into a serious problem.

By providing all the necessary electronics and without compromising a truly superb sound, DYNACORD’s powered mixers – the PowerMates – are the ideal solution for any space related or handling problems.

The new LittleMax systems add to this concept by offering excellent sound quality at an ultra-compact size.


Powermate 1000









Powermate 1000

The PowerMate 1000 incorporates advanced technology, leading the way by offering more power, more effects, and more extras.

Providing 6 (12) Mic/Line channels and 4 Mic/Stereo Line inputs, the PowerMate 1000 (1600) stays ahead of the increasing demand for more inputs.

The two separate, built-in 18 bit stereo FX sections with 99 presets each, provide extraordinary studio-quality sound.

Despite their high output power capacity and their extensive range of features, the PowerMate mixers' dimensions are very compact and their weight of 20 kg makes them easy to transport.



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