Tetrart Staging and Display System

Lightweight: easy to move between locations
Compact: easy to transport and store
Fast: quick to set up, saving time
Strong: holds up to 1 tonne per sq metre
Versatile: range of platform sizes/heights
Smart: high-tech, aesthetically pleasing - no rust
Safe: sturdy platform with good stability
Adaptable: special sizes/configurations can be made


Tetrat Staging in Action

Whether you require a stage for a disco or live band, a set for a major performance, a platform or riser system for an exhibition stand or plinths on which to display your products, the TetraDek system can meet your requirements.

The ingenious new Tetrart staging system has a framework that is exceptionally compact and lightweight to both transport and store, yet extremely strong once in position. What is more, once in place, the platform supports an incredible one tonne per square meter.



The system of lightweight aluminium tubing folds up to a very compact, easy to handle size, yet when required quickly expands to form a very strong structure.

The platforms are then simply laid on top and connected together using joining strips to provide a safe and sturdy stage for all events and other applications.

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